MATCHLogo PIA 2010
The arithmetic of fundamental groups
Heidelberg, February 8 - 12, 2010

Thank you to all participants of PIA 2010 for their contribution as speakers and/or as part of an active audience, and for making this week stimulating, memorable and enjoyable to all!

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The conference PIA 2010 will cover different approaches to the arithmetic of fundamental groups that have been successful recently and remain promising in the focus of current and future developments. The fundamental group serves both as a non-commutative tool in the study of arithmetic algebraic spaces and as an object of study of its own.

PIA 2010 intends to bring together knowledge in the area of anabelian geometry, pro-finite étale fundamental groups, tannakian/motivic algebraic fundamental groups, p-adic fundamental groups, and in the interplay between fundamental groups and special objects like the polylogarithm.

The format of the confernce will provide four one-hour lectures per day by
invited speakers with generous breaks between talks for questions and
informal discussions.

In addition we will have two preparatory lecture series by Tamás Szamuely and by Amnon Besser prior to PIA 2010.

PIA 2010 takes place as a conference of MATCH, the MAThematics Center Heidelberg.